The Reading Dialogue: Reciprocal Reading Strategy
The Reading Dialogue: Reciprocal Reading Strategy for Primary Schools

Felix Education Ltd. Educational strategy and consulting

Educational Consultancy specialising in tailor made support and advice on School Improvement.

Educational Consultancy specialising in tailor made support and advice on School Improvement.

“We  play a unique role in driving schools forward by facilitating tailored support in a range of ways including; specific solution development, expertise, project management support and action plans implementation. “

Founder Beatrix Simpson

Using years of tried and tested primary school headship experience we will  support you in implementing the right solution focussed approaches.

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Our areas of expertise;

  • The Reading Dialogue - Reciprocal Reading programme, resources and implementation

  • Interim Headship

  • School Improvement

  • Raising standards

  • Support for schools to move from Good to Outstanding

  • Building effective teams; mentoring new Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers and Senior Leaders

  • Narrowing the gaps for disadvantaged pupils and proactively tackling underachievement

  • Tailor made Support for Headteachers and senior leaders; Action Plans, SEF, SIP, SEN, Finance

  • Assisting the Headteachers in promoting and maintaining the expected standards across the school

  • Contributing to managing and organising the school environment to ensure that it meets the needs of the curriculum

  • Monitoring, evaluating and reviewing classroom practice and promoting improvement strategies

Let’s empower our readers and give them the skills to be successful. I have tried, tested and developed this programme for the last ten years. In each case where this method has been adopted, we’ve seen amazing results.
— Beatrix Simpson

Letter from the founder:

Dear Educators

I am a highly experienced and extremely competent Headteacher and Consultant. I have extensive experience of school leadership having worked in schools for the last 18 years, including 13 years as Headteacher,  Executive Headteacher and recently as Interim Headteacher.

In these headships, I have successfully transformed two schools from Ofsted’s Inadequate to Outstanding.

I have a proven track-record and extensive school improvement experience, often working with schools in challenging circumstances. I have supported and enabled school leaders at all levels to make notable improvements in the following areas; leadership, raising standards, provision and outcomes for pupils and the skills necessary for securing Outstanding and Good Ofsted judgments.

My particular strengths are in raising standards, especially in reading; strategic leadership; coaching and mentoring leaders; monitoring, self evaluation; preparation for Ofsted; support for headteachers in managing challenging situations and support in the effective use of data to identify priorities.

In 2014 I was shortlisted for the ‘TES Head of the year award’ and in 2013 my school won the ‘TES  Overall School of the Year Award’ and ‘Primary School of the Year Award.’

Since becoming a Consultant I have worked in a school that needed improvements in both curriculum and standards. At the end of three years as Interim Head, the school was  placed in the top 3 schools in Brent for overall attainment and 1 for reading standards especially for the highest average point score.

I believe that goals, outcomes and success criteria need to be identified early on in any process. Support is then tailored to meet the context of the school and the needs of the school community.  I believe that to get the best out of people it is necessary to work to develop people’s strengths. I am approachable and I believe in encouraging staff and in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Yours sincerely,
Beatrix Simpson


Relevant Experience

Speaker at conferences (2013/2015):

Capita- Literacy

Gold Schools Club – The impact of differentiation

Optimus – Pupil premium

Westminster Briefing, The House – New Curriculum